Thriving Third Sector

Brighton & Hove is fortunate to have a diverse and active third sector, developed over decades. Over 2,300 community & voluntary sector organisations play a vital role locally in shaping and delivering the city’s social, economic, educational, environmental, wellbeing and cultural activity.

Taking Account 3

Taking Account 3, the most recent survey of the third sector in Brighton & Hove was published in 2014 and found that[1]:

  • Approximately, 6,900 people work in the third sector in Brighton and Hove, which is 6% of the total employee jobs in the city.
  • The estimated income of the third sector in Brighton and Hove is approximately £73 million per year. Much of this is spent in Brighton and Hove on local projects, which creates further economic benefits so that the third sector contributes approximately £127 million to the Brighton and Hove economy each year.
  • There are 27,600 volunteer positions in the third sector in Brighton and Hove. In addition, there are 13,800 positions on management committees and boards of third sector organisations and almost all of these positions will be filled by volunteers.
  • Volunteers donate 110,400 hours per week to third sector organisations in Brighton and Hove or 5,740,800 hours per year.
  • If volunteers were paid the Living Wage for their work in the third sector then their donated time would be worth £44 million per year.


[1] Taking Account 3: An economic and social audit of the third sector in Brighton and Hove, Community Works, June 2014.