What we plan to do

  • Working with the Brighton and Hove Community Development Team and the local community to reduce the local smoking prevalence.
  • Working with the community to understand the needs of all ethnic groups for smoking cessation services.
  • Working with environmental health and licensing to use their regular and routine contact with restaurant staff and taxi drivers to reach smokers not accessing services.
  • Support work in schools to ensure smoke free sites, effective tobacco education and delivery of or referral to smoking cessation services as part of the Public Health Schools programme.
  • Work with parents who smoke to help them understand the issues for their children, and to help them to quit.
  • Patients who smoke and who are being referred for surgery should be seen by the stop smoking service to enhance their post-operative recovery.
  • Encourage general practices to refer patients being considered for smoking cessation treatment to their own practice based intermediate services to improve clinical effectiveness.
  • Develop a local communications strategy, to include the promotion of stop smoking services.
  • Develop a plan for promoting no smoking in certain outdoor areas.
  • Support young people in youth settings, colleges and universities to stop smoking.