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Annual report of the Director of Public Health

2018/19 - Making health your business

2017/18 Report - The Art of Good Health

2017/18 - Reference list

2016/17 Report - Living well in a health city

2015/16 Report - Social media

2014/15 Report - Look inequality

2014/15 - Case studies

2014/15 - Ethnicity and employment table

2014/15 - Reference list

Equalities reports

Equalities in Brighton & Hove: Data snapshot for equalities groups across the city (May 2017)

Disability in Brighton & Hove: Full Report 2015

Disability in Brighton & Hove: Summary Report 2015

BME Communities in Brighton & Hove: Full Report 2015

BME Communities in Brighton & Hove: Summary Report 2015

Older People Profiles 2015 - West

Older People Profiles 2015 - Central

Older People Profiles 2015 - East

Primary Care Network (PCN) profiles

These early profiles provide information for PCNs across Sussex. Within each tab select the PCN network you are interested in. You can view charts by theme or select the summary table tab at the end to look at all the data in a tabular format. The profiles provide an initial set of comparative information based upon indicators within the Public Health England National GP Practice Profiles More information on the indicators are available at that link.

We will be developing these profiles over time so would welcome feedback on what you do, and do not like about them, and what other information you might like to see. Please email with any comments or suggestions.

Primary Care Network profiles

Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD)

IMD 2019: Full briefing

IMD 2015: Short summary

IMD 2015 Full briefing

Local Area Profiles (LAP)

After opening a profiles, if prompted please 'enable editing'

Gambling 2021 (Draft)

Gambling 2019

Housing Strategy Supporting Data Analyses

Housing Strategy 2015: Supporting Data Analysis

Housing Strategy 2015: Family Housing Supporting Data Analysis

Taking Account

Taking Account is the economic and social audit of the community and voluntary sector in Brighton and Hove. This audit is repeated every five years. It is a robust piece of research which evidences the significant contribution that the community and voluntary sector makes to life in the city, and provides information about the support needs of the sector. The Taking Account 4 report was published in June 2019 and can be found at:

Suicide Prevention Strategy

Suicide Prevention Strategy 2019-20