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This page contains links to the information, data and intelligence that we use to inform our plans and strategies.

2021 UK Population Census

The first phase in the release of the 2021 Census results has started with the publication of a Demography & Migration topic summary. A topic summary is a set of data and supporting information, grouped by a similar theme. There will be eight topic summaries in total (see below).

Topic summary

Provisional release date

demography and migration

2 November 2022

UK armed forces veterans

10 November 2022

ethnic group, national identity, language, and religion

29 November 2022

labour market and travel to work

8 December 2023


5 January 2023

sexual orientation and gender identity

6 January 2023


10 January 2023

health, disability, and unpaid care

19 January 2023

Note: Table content correct as at 02 11 2022

To find the latest information about 2021 Census reporting please see the Census webpages.

Census briefings will be available, on the Report page, shortly after the publication of each topic summary. Census data will also be available on Community Insight in the days following publication by the ONS.


Community Insight

Community Insight City Map

Community Insight is a service that allows you to find, explore and use a wide range of facts and figures at different geographic levels for Brighton & Hove and the surrounding area.

Community Insight is the service for supporting local intelligence across Brighton & Hove, providing the underlying intelligence behind the Priority Areas of the Community Strategy and allows us to track our progress over time.


Briefings on various topics from the 2011 Census and the latest annual report of the Director of Public Health


Briefings and reports from the City Tracker survey, Health Counts and the annual Safe & Well at School survey

Needs Assessments

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) provides analysis of current and future needs of the population. Here you can find the latest JSNA along with in depth needs assessments covering key issues for the city.