Our city is dynamic, it does not stand still and it can be easy for communities, or indeed individuals to become disconnected. We work hard to ensure that the many and varied communities are aware of and appreciate one another. The diversity of our city is one of its greatest strengths and we aspire to nurture and encourage our communities to collaborate.

The success of some of our larger cultural institutions and events underlines the diversity, tolerance, acceptance and social connectedness of our communities. This coming together has been supported and encouraged by Brighton & Hove Connected in the knowledge that this is what the city expects and that success comes when all participants feel engaged and valued.

It’s a particular character of the city that people and communities expect to be asked their opinion and furthermore that those opinions will be taken into account. In Brighton & Hove the legitimacy and right of communities to be heard is not questioned but encouraged with time and resources deployed to turn those opinions into actions. As a partnership we expect our members to talk to the people they provide services for and to listen and act upon what they say

It’s important we communicate and engage, by doing so we seek to understand and support the aspirations of our communities. If we continue to do this effectively, the more communities and citizens can make decisions on the things that affect their lives. We are committed to greater engagement and to listen harder to the messages we are offered. This is particularly important if we’re to ensure we make the most effective use of diminishing resources.