What has happened over the last three years

A programme of Integrated Offender Management, involving close partnership working, has focussed on:

  • Enabling offenders to access and maintain suitable accommodation
  • Improving and sustaining the health and wellbeing of offenders
  • Helping offenders recover from drug and alcohol problems
  • Providing support to families of offenders
  • Supporting the development of a productive, stable, offence-free lifestyle with non-offending associates

The following pieces of work have been developed:

  • The use Restorative Justice has been further embedded.  This involves bringing into communication those harmed by a specific crime and those responsible for it.
  • The Criminal Justice Liaison and Diversion Scheme is a partnership project based in custody suites and court and provides information to the judiciary and other decision-makers within the Criminal Justice process to support charging and sentencing decisions.  The scheme is aimed at diverting vulnerable people from re-offending by, for example, attaching conditions to sentences which require engagement in specific services to address mental health and other problems linked to offending, for example alcohol and drugs misuse.
  • Offenders are among those affected by changes which have come about through the Welfare Reform Act 2012.  They have been supported in adjusting to these changes so their health and wellbeing are not negatively affected and they avoid homelessness.