What has happened over the past three years

We have increased access to open access Contraception and Sexual Health services across the community and implemented self referral access to termination services. We have also ensured that Chlamydia screening is integrated across all services and young people have to choose to opt out.

There has been a robust approach to identify young people at risk of early conception and to work with them to improve their resilience, through improving their knowledge and skills to experience positive relationships and have good sexual health.  Between April 2011 and September 2012 monitoring indicated that nine out of ten (91%) demonstrated improved outcomes. 

Young parents have access to two years intensive support from the family nurse partnership and young people accessing termination of pregnancy are all provided with direct youth work support.

Sex and Relationship Education has improved in schools and we have agreement across our secondary schools to delivery a core programme. All schools have a targeted prevention group work programme and six out of nine schools have embedded health based drop-ins on site.