What we plan to do

Work to increase reporting and provide support to victims will continue, including in the following areas:

  • Compliance with the Equalities Act 2010 and adopt best practice.
  • Encourage increased reporting to services, especially for at risk, vulnerable or marginalised groups and for young people.
  • Build trust and confidence between communities and services and make sure the needs of different groups are understood.
  • Deliver training across statutory and voluntary agencies, enabling early identification, appropriate responses and referrals to be made.
  • Deliver high quality casework services to victims; involve all relevant agencies in assessing and responding to risk by holding risk assessment conferences.  Ensure services meet the needs of victims, they are less at risk and they feel safer.
  • Take enforcement action against offenders to stop repeat offending.
  • Ensure reports of hate incidents to services are appropriately flagged so that victims can receive support specific to their needs and that sentences for perpetrators on conviction are uplifted where appropriate.
  • Monitor trends and patterns in hate incidents and crimes enabling work to be targeted effectively.
  • Promote anti-discriminatory attitudes, community engagement and cohesion within and between different communities, and in different setting, building bridges and links.  Increase community capacity to respond.
  • Work with the press to raise the profile of anti-discriminatory work and challenge negative publicity.