What we plan to do

  • Increase the availability of accessible forms of transport
  • Improve equalities training for public transport employees
  • Assess equalities issues to identify which sectors of the community are most disadvantaged by noise and air pollution
  • Ensure that the design and maintenance of streets enables people to move more easily, safely and effectively around the city on foot, by bicycle or public transport, particularly catering for the needs of younger, older, disabled and vulnerable people
  • Reduce the number of vulnerable people injured (especially those killed or seriously injured) in road traffic collisions
  • Increase levels of access to local facilities / services without the need to travel
  • Ensure the cost and ease of using public transport takes into account equalities and exclusion issues, particularly for those without access to a car
  • Encourage more local employers to adopt positive initiatives and incentives such as the tax free Cycle to Work scheme and discounted public transport season tickets
  • Improve walking, cycling and public transport routes and facilities, including the public Rights of Way network to, and within, the South Downs National Park