25 June 2013

Meeting date: 
Tuesday, June 25, 2013 - 16:00 to 18:00
Suite 1, The Jury's Inn, 101 Stroudley Road, Brighton, BN1 4DJ
  1. Welcome, Introductions & Chair's communications
  2. Minutes & matters arising from meeting Tuesday 5th March 2013 [Draft BHSP Minutes 05.03.13 PDF 82KB] [Matters Arising PDF 62KB]
  3. Interview with 2 BHSP members:
    -  Nev Kemp, Chief Superintendent, Sussex Police
    -  Vic Borrill, City Sustainability Partnership
  4. Partnership Review [Partnership Review PDF 42KB]
  5. City Management Board (formerly Public Service Board) update [CMB Communiqué to BHSP PDF 43KB]
  6. Sustainable Community Strategy Review update [SCS Refresh update PDF 42KB]
  7. Age Friendly City [Age Friendly City PDF 37KB]
  8. Taking Account 3 [Taking Account 3 PDF 56KB]
  9. Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign [B&H Living Wage Campaign PDF 95KB]
  10. Biosphere Bid [Biosphere Project update PDF 56KB] [UNESCO Application PDF 1,504KB]
  11. Director of Public Health Report [Director of Public Health report PDF 29KB]

    Items for Information

  12. Census Demographic Detail [Census Demographic Detail PDF 38KB]
  13. Thematic Partnership Protocols [Thematic Partnership Protocols PDF 29KB] [Advice Partnership PDF 33KB] [Arts & Creative Industries Commission PDF 27KB] [City Employment & Skills Steering Group PDF 737KB] [City Engagement Partnership PDF 789KB] [City Inclusion Partnership PDF 661KB] [City Sustainability Partnership PDF 25KB] [Economic Partnership PDF 795KB] [Learning Partnership PDF 155KB] [Strategic Housing Partnership PDF 665KB] [Transport Partnership PDF 43KB]
  14. City Tracker [City Tracker PDF 30KB] [Appendix 1 PDF 143KB]
  15. One Planet Living [One Planet Living PDF 39KB]
  16. Partnership Feedback [Partnership Feedback PDF 46KB]